Thursday, March 25, 2010

Back to the real world!!

We just spent 10 days in the beautiful state of Hawaii!!!
Be warned there are a lot of pictures!!!
I love the Hawaii Temple and for the second time that we have been to Hawaii the temple has been closed!! I was so sad.

Mason always makes the funniest faces I absolutely love it! On this trip he really discovered his tongue, whenever anyone would smile or come up to him he would get a big smile and curl his tongue over his upper lip! haha it was so cute!! I was amazed at how many people came up to Mason, I guess they aren't used to babies like we are in Utah. But he loved it, he really is such a flirt!

We got to spend some time with Thad and Summer and lil' Avee. It was so fun, I'm glad we got to see them! Ave is getting so big its amazing, she is such a good baby!

Ok so i didn't do my hair or makeup the whole time we were there! oops maybe i should have i look so funny in all of our pictures!! :)

Look at Masons cute Hawaiian outfit Nana and Bumpa bought him!

Once again the tongue!

Bryce loved showing off Mason trick to all of the Japanese women, haha they would get so scared and put up their hands all around Mason ready to catch him!!

Nana's and Bumpa's first time to Hawaii! Of course they absolutely loved it!
Mason was more interested in the big Polynesian guy taking the picture then anything at this point! He looks scared! We took a redeye flight thinking it would be easy with Mason because he would just sleep but boy were we wrong! The poor lil' guy couldn't get comfortable so we were up most the night!
Look at these two cuties!! They are 4 months apart and they have the same size foot can you believe it?!
Mason is a little performer 
We got to go paddling, it was a lot of fun but it makes you sore!
Look how cute Mason is, he did that on his own!

We also got to fly helicopters in the flight simulator on the Kaneohe base. It was tuff but a lot of fun!
This is Chris Bryce's friend from school, him and his wife Holly came to Hawaii with us!
Poor Mason had a fever off and on over 100* for 3 days, he was such a trouper, and even though he was sick he was still all smiles! 
My dad and I went parasailing for his birthday, it was a lot of fun but I admit it wasn't scary or thrilling like we had hoped! It was to safe as my dad would say! The rope was 700ft high, we were 40 stories in the air for about 8 minutes. My dad tried to make the parachute do a flip, but luckily for me i didn't work!
A view from the boat!
Beautiful Hanauma Bay where we went snorkeling.
This was taken at Electric Beach, another beach where we went snorkeling, its right by a big power plant. The power plant uses the ocean water to cool down their machines and then they pump the warm water back out into the Ocean. People swim under the water, down to the pipes where the water shoots them out. Its really cool to watch and looks really fun. But if you swim in the wrong place it acts like a rip tide and takes you out to sea, so it's really dangerous. Well guess who swam in the wrong place?...BRYCE! I was watching from the beginning and it looked like he was doing it on purpose so i just watched and didn't say anything. Then when i saw that he was getting further away i started to panic! I found Thad and told him to go after Bryce, but by this time i could't even see Bryce anymore because he was so far away. I was so scared, but I had a prayer in my heart to help keep me calm and to know what to do. I saw some boys about our age playing in the pipe but they had a body board, i told them what happened and a couple of them went after Bryce and Thad with their board.(at this point you couldn't see either of them out there.) We were out there swimming and treading water for about an hour or so and i was getting tired so i swam back in to tell my parents and to get more help. Luckily my parents were sitting high on a cliff and we could see all of the boys coming in. Thad being an experienced ocean swimmer living in Hawaii, found Bryce swimming against the current trying to get back but only making himself tired and drifting further out to sea.  So Thad taught Bryce how to swim around the current and back to shore. It was such a relief to see Bryce back on the sand. It was such a scary day. Heavenly Father has blessed us so much in so many different ways. We are so grateful and so happy!

Mason kept eating the sand, This was right after he face planted it!
He really loves to stand and he is getting so good at it.

I thought for sure Mason would like the ocean because it was kinda cold but he loved it!
This one needs a little bit of explaining, Chris told Bryce that he can catch a bird so he laid down covered himself with a towel and we put food crumbs on top, a couple seconds later a bird starts eating the crumbs and Chris flung the towel over the bird, He caught it!! so bryce tried and he caught 3 at once! haha it was so funny! So Thad said i bet i can catch one just sitting here while holding the baby....sure enough a couple minutes later he starts laughing and said see, while holding a little bird in his hand!
I can't get enough of this sweet boy!
We hiked up to the light house and saw a some whales! It was really fun!
Ok you lost fans does this look familiar? They have a guard here 24/7 but he let us walk around and take some pictures. After this trip Bryce and i decided to get into Lost so we just started the first season. We did see them filming at another location and we saw several other locations where they had filmed in the past. In fact the waterfall that we are i front of was in the first season.

It went by way to fast, I'm sad its over and now we have to come back to reality. I'm so glad we were able to go, it was so much fun and we all loved it!!