Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Some Randomness!

I forgot to post a ten month journal entry for Mason.
 Mason was still doing his cute army crawl but he had started to pull himself up on everything!  When he first started to crawl we had to move everything in our house that was within his reach.  Then when he started pulling himself up, everything was moved again a little higher!  Oh ya on saturday mason decided he wanted to crawl on his hands and knees and has been doing it ever since!
Mason loves his Daddy, He always gets so excited to see him. If Bryce doesn't pick him up and give him a hug and throw him in the air when he gets home Mason gets really upset! Bryce decided he wasn't going to shave the whole time he was at field camp, despite my pleading. haha I think he actually looks really good with a beard i just don't like kissing a breaded face!

Mason and Nana! Isn't my mom so pretty? I love her silver hair! 

We moved to Cedar City a couple of weeks ago because Bryce has to take a Geology field camp course at SUU. We'll only be here until the end of July so we are going to take full advantage of it, so if anyone wants to come camping or hike with us while we're down here lets us know we're all for it!! Yesterday we hiked a couple of little hikes in Kolob Canyon. It was so beautiful, there was surprisingly a lot of green next to the magnificent red cliffs.
Mason absolutely loved riding on Dads back, where he had a great view of everything! I was worried about having him in the sun for so long because he will not let me put hats on him. So i just loaded him up with sunscreen and off we went. He didn't get burnt at all it was great!

We found an unmarked hike through one of the side canyons, we were the only ones on the trail and we found the most amazing meadow with tall grass that was blowing in the wind, encircled by big trees. It was so beautiful and peaceful. We had a picnic and didn't want to leave, but the sun had really worn Mason out so we thought we should head back instead of finishing or hike.
This is right when we had turned back.......
and this was right after that! haha he was wiped out. We only live about 20 minutes from Kolob so we hurried and got Mason home and he slept for about 2 1/2 hours! Poor little guy was exhausted and that doesn't look comfortable at all!!