Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gingerbread Fun!!!

We had The Yeip's and Olsen's over and we made gingerbread houses!  It was so much fun and everyone's house turned out great!!

This one is Bryce's and mine!! We made the gingerbread and Bryce built the house.  I tried to help but i couldn't figure it out, i was having a really hard time!! I built the chimney and that was it, i let him finish building and I decorated and made the trees!!

Isn't my chimney great?

Steve and Ronelle's

Eric and Lindee's
They both made theirs out of graham crackers and they both turned out great! (note to self: make your next house out of graham crackers!)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

 Have a holly jolly Christmas!!
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Monday, December 7, 2009

4 Months

I can hardly believe that Mason is already 4 months old, it has gone by so fast!! He had is 4 month check today with all those fun shots of course. Mason is such a trouper and only cried for a couple minutes. but it was such a sad cry that always makes me feel so bad, especially when he gives me a pleading look asking me to make it stop. I think I'm gonna start sending Bryce to those appointments by himself! The Dr. said you would never be able to tell Mason was Pre-mature by looking at him, he is such a big boy now, and he is getting so strong! Here are his stats:
Height- 24 1/2" 33%
Weight- 14.5 lbs  37%
Now these are based on a regular full term 4 mon. old baby but for babies his age born pre-mature he is 71% in height and 75% in weight.
We also found out that Mason qualifies for the RSV shots thru our insurance, so that means they will pay for him to get the shots!! Its one shot a month for 4 months and each shot costs $1000!! We are so blessed to be able to qualify.  They told us while we were in the hospital that we can try but not to get our hopes up because insurance companies are really strict for which babies will qualify and they have to be born 34 wks or earlier. Mason was born at 34 wks and 2 days so they weren't sure if he would qualify but he did and it is such a stress reliever, I am an overly paranoid mom and this helps set my mind at ease. But thats ok to be paranoid for your first baby right?

Mason rolls over so fast now you cant take your eyes off him or you'll miss it!

Look at his cute fat rolls, it took a long time for him to get those!

Mason's favorite things in life besides his Mom and Dad are getting his bum changed and taking baths!! What is it about boys loving to be naked? I don't get it! haha!