Friday, April 16, 2010

Pics for Nana!!

Mason's first day back church was great!  He was so good and quiet the whole time, He really loves watching people!!
When i was changing him after church i picked him up and the tie was hanging out of his mouth. It was so funny!
He was all ready to go to the game with us but we decided to leave him with Mimi and Papa. (it was a late game.)
Look at those eyes!

Mason was so funny playing in the grass he couldn't figure out what it was! Its so much fun now that its warm, we get to go on walks and play outside, Mason loves it!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Masons First Easter!!

Mason seemed to love his first Easter! He loved the toys the Easter bunny brought at least!
Look at his expression...its the first time he has ever seen bubbles, he was fascinated!
Easter egg hunt at Mimi's and Papa's!
This is what we woke up to today! The second storm in a week that has brought 6 inches of snow with it!!  Hopefully it will melt quick like last time.
Mason is 8months old!! I love watching him learn new things each day, It is so much fun being a mom!!

As of today Mason weighs exactly 17 lbs on our scale.
Mason is always so curious about everything and doesn't ever want to be left out of anything!
He rolls all over the place!
He loves learning how to walk its one of his favorite things.
He is always so happy and so giggly!
 He still doesn't take his eyes off me! No matter who is holding him he makes sure he can always see me, It is so cute!
Whenever we are home alone whenever i walk out of his site he starts to cry and the second he sees me he is happy again.(we've been working on getting better at that!)  
He is Has found his voice and is always trying to talk! I'm pretty sure he has said Hi and Mama several times! He likes to scream really loud when he is happy or sad!
Mason is so observant, you can tell he wants to learn so much!
He loves bath time and story time!
He loves watching and playing with other kids, especially his cousins!
Mason is getting so much better at eating solids, it not a fight to get him to eat them anymore!
He still doesn't have teeth but i'm not complaining because he likes to bite when i nurse and it hurts! although i think i can feel them coming!
We just talked to his Doctor and he said once the weather clears and warms up we can start taking Mason out more and he can start going to church!! We are so excited and cant wait for the snow to all melt away!!