Monday, August 9, 2010

Tiny Birthday Party!

Tiny Invites to Mason's Tiny Party!

Tiny pinata's for Mason's tiny friends and cousins!

Tiny Party hats
We Had tiny hot dogs and hamburgers with tiny chips, drinks, and cupcakes!!!
Tiny bow tie pasta salad

Mason's tiny cake
He wasn't messing around!!
Tiny ice cream cones

The lil' guy had to sit on a phone book to be big enough to eat his cake!
All done!!
Clean up was easier than i thought it would be! =)
Mason got so many fun things! Thanx to everyone!

This last year has been the shortest year of my life i still cant even believe my little baby isn't so much of a baby anymore. Happy birthday my sweet little baby Mason we love you so much!

At 12 months Mason's Stats are.....

18 lbs 5 oz - 2%
29 1/2"- 42%

Wow they say he is so little, but he seems so big to me!

Mason can say: Momma, Dada, dog, (he also barks like a dog when we ask what does the doggy say? and moos for the cow) Nana, baoon (balloon, which is one of his favorite things in the world!) ball, hi and my mother-in-law and sister-in-law heard him say "all done" after they asked him if he was done with his cake. He also knows a few signs!

Mason loves giving hugs, The other day he was playing with a baby girl his same age in the park that we didn't know and he gave her 4 hugs! he is such a flirt its so cute.

He always waves hi and bye.

He gives high fives!

His first tooth was visible 3 days before he turned one, the 2nd one was close behind and i can tell he'll be getting a few more really soon. I guess thats what happens when you get your first tooth really late, they all want to come in at once!! Poor little guy!

Mason loves to walk with our help but is still really wobbly, i don't think he will be walking for a while!

He is a really good climber! He climbed all the way up my parents stairway the first time he tired, he can also go down the stairs. We stayed in a condo that had a bunk bed with the ladder and Mason Started to climb the ladder before i got scared and picked him up. He is really good at getting off of high things like my bed which is taller than him but he has figured out how to do it. Mason is so smart!

Mason Is getting better at sleeping but would still rather stay awake 24/7 if he could! Yesterday we were at my in-laws playing games. It was past Mason's bed time but he didn't want to sleep so i left him up, i knew he would fall right to sleep in the car for our long drive home. but he crawled into the living room and just fell over on to his side half under an arm chair and fell right to sleep! I felt so bad! but it was so cute!!

Mason isn't a picky eater, he will eat anything and everything but he doesn't eat very much as you might have noticed!

We are so lucky to be this little guys parents, I love him more than i can ever express!! I would recommend being a mom to anyone! In fact i don't know why we waited so long after we got married to have kids! =)

From 5 lbs 5 oz and being fed through a tube in his nose to......

18lbs 5 oz and full of life, laughter, and fun!!