Monday, October 25, 2010

Deadly Ever After!

Murder Mystery parties are a lot of fun! I Loved all of the characters this year everyone did great with their costumes!!
  I was the Wicked Witch Bryce was Sherlock Holmes and i was going to make Mason one of my flying monkeys but decided not to last minute, so he was a skeleton. 
Mad Hatter and Alice were played by Kevin and Cali. Kevin won best costume!
Snow White was Bri. Such a pretty princess!
 John Silver and Robin Hood were Eric and Wade
 Ronelle was Rapunzel, Her Hair was great!!
 Katie and Paul were little red riding hood and Hamlet, Bryce jumped in every picture he could! 
Prince Charming was Steven, who tied with Bryce for best actor of the night!
 The Count was Chris
 Juliet was played by Holly
 I tried several times to get a good picture of these two boys but this was the best i could get!
It was such a fun night thanx everyone for coming this year and those that couldn't make it from last year we wish you were there!