Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer Lovin!!

They say, "pictures say a thousand words." So here are 29000 words!
Bryce and Mason's first time at Bryce canyon. Bryce's name sake! =)

It rained harder than i think i have ever seen it rain while we were in the middle of setting up our tent.  Poor Bryce, he got drenched while mason and i sat in the car and watched. So we decided to get a hotel room for the night while our tent aired out. It was a lot easier with Mason than camping out!

Cedar Breaks with my family.
My cute Fam!
Shea and Anna
Kanarraville Canyon
The chaco crew!!

This is Shea in the falls after he lost a bet!
Mason looks just like Toad off Mario Cart! Don't you think? We went on a 30 mile 4 wheeling ride with  Bryce's family and Mason was strapped to Bryce's chest the whole time. He absolutely loved it. He was born into the right family!
Nash and Mason
24th of july fireworks!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

11 Months Oh My!

Lately i have had several random people ask me if Mason is 6 months old. I know he is little for his age but i didn't think he was that little! But it feels like he should be 6 months still, it has gone by just as fast as everyone told me it would, if not faster. I still can't believe I'm already planning his first birthday party! It's so sad but yet, so exciting!

Mason isn't walking yet but he loves to crawl and is still getting into everything.  He has never been a picky eater ad will eat anything i give him which has been great but that also means he will eat anything he finds on the ground in front of him which is so gross!! I've pulled bugs out of his mouth more than once! When ever he sees me pull out the camera he tries to grab it  or just stares at it with a blank stare so i had to get him crawling when he wasn't looking.
For the 4th of July weekend we stayed close to home and went up to Cedar Breaks and Cascade Falls. It is so beautiful up there, and surprisingly cold!

Mason Loves to clap and pull himself up on everything.
I can't begin to tell you how much i love this little guy. Bryce and I are so blessed to be able to be his parents! Mason is so smart and i can't wait to see what he learns next! 

He has never been much of a talker until lately he talks a lot. Its gibberish but he knows what he's saying! Its so cute. The only words that i know he says are: "Hi" which was his first word. (like his mom) "momma," "Dada," and "Dog" and i think he tries to say ball.