Thursday, May 20, 2010

Going Private!

Mason amazes me more and more each day. He is the happiest and smartest little boy i have ever met! Mason likes to point at my face when I'm nursing him and i always tell him "thats mommy's nose" or mouth or eye which ever one he points at or grabs. Well today i was playing with him and i said "Mason where's momma's nose?" and he pointed right at my nose. At first i thought it was just a coincident so i tried it a couple more times just asking where my nose was and each time he pointed right at it!! So i asked him where my mouth was and he pointed right at my mouth and then i asked where my eye was and of course he knew!! He also started to wave today it is so cute! I am so proud of my sweet little boy, he went to bed for the night and i cant wait until i get to play with him tomorrow!

Mason loves exploring with his mouth and anything and everything goes straight in as you can tell from the pictures!!
I love how much Mason loves his Mom and Dad. I mentioned before that anytime i leave the room Mason will keep his eyes on where i left until i come back and he always has an eye on me when i'm in the room with him. Well now that he can crawl he follows me everywhere i go! Haha it is so cute and funny. He gets frustrated because he cant get to me fast enough. I'll leave him in the living room, playing with his toys while i go get a drink in the kitchen and when i come back he is already half way to the kitchen. When he sees me he gives me a big smile and a look that i know means "did you see what i can do mom!" I love being a mom, there really isn't anything more amazing!!

I think I'm going to go private. Leave me your email if you would like to keep up with the Coy Family!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

9 Months!

At 9 months Mason has started to crawl!!! Actually he started his cute army crawl a couple of weeks ago. His favorite thing to do is to crawl straight to me so i can help him walk all over! haha
Mason is learning sign language and understands a couple of signs. He loves to clap, but when he claps he keeps his hands in fists. He is so silly!
9 Month stats
 17lbs. 5oz 6%
27.5 24% 
Mason might be a little guy but his Doctor said that he is right on track if not advanced for a 9 or even a 10 month old baby and extremely advanced for being premature! We are so proud of our little guy!!

Mason Loves swimming!! It was a little cold at first, haha can you tell by the look on his face! Cold or not he didn't want to get out!
We love taking walks everyday and taking Marley swimming!
Believe it or not this is our front yard! haha our lawn mower broke and our lawn turned into a jungle. Luckily I married a handy man and now the lawn looks great!

Two of Mason's cousins moved back to Utah last week, its so much fun to have them back!

Mason, Tate, and Paisley
Bubba is back too! Mason loves uncle Bubba!

One of Mason's favorite pass times, playing in the tub!