Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween and family pictures!

Happy Halloween! 
We went trick or treating with Masons cousins Tate and Paisley (Buzz and Cinderella) They were all so cute! We had so much fun.

 Mason's Hat, belt and boots were way to big for him and they kept falling off all night. Haha poor thing i don't think he liked his costume. But isn't he the cutest woody you've ever seen?!
 He's a stud in his suit!  

 I don't really like fall because that means winter is coming. But I love the colors and it really makes me appreciate it more.

I love my family more than words can explain. Bryce and Mason make me so happy i really can't imagine life without them!


Calli said...

your pics turned out so cute.. You look B e a u t i f u l!!!

Trina said...

These are such awesome pictures, you guys are such a cute family. I can't imagine a cuter Woody! What a doll! Or should I say stud? :) So cute!!!!!

The Stott's said...

Tessa you are so beautiful. I LOVE your bangs. They are so styling and make you look even more amazing! I love them!!!!

WE just got your Christmas card, it's so cute. That was the first thing I said to Thad, "whoa Tessa is so pretty huh?" He agreed of course. Miss you guys!!